About Us

The foundation of International Gems was built on custom design, using their customers’ gold from old jewellery not being worn to create new and exciting pieces. International Gems are leading experts in rebuilding and/or refurbishing old pieces and family heirlooms of sentimental value and they can also work with you to design a new piece based on your input and their expert advice. There is nothing too hard or too intricate for the International Gems design team. With over 40 years experience to back them up, they are trustworthy, credible and people of their word; "We’re not happy until you’re completely satisfied".

International Gems have been pioneers in the Diamond and Fine Jewellery business for over 40 years. They are known for their incredible custom design and hand-made pieces made in their own private shop. All of their work is fully guaranteed. International Gems makes the custom design process easier, removing all ‘grey areas’ from the decision process by using the latest technology to show our valued clients a 3-dimensional design before the piece is made. Owner Keith Davis as well as both of his sons, Dana located in the White Rock store and Brent located in the Kelowna store, are highly sought after for their design skills and professional expertise.

Aside from their own pieces of fine jewellery, International Gems carries the world’s finest brands, to complement their own designs. They also carry the finest in make of ideal cut diamonds certified by GIA and AGS and are carriers of the elusive Canadian Diamond. As well as over 40 years of being proficient sellers of the finest diamonds, International Gems is also able to source the finest gem stones from all around the world.

International Gems are your personal designers, jewellers and confidants whose valued clientele are from all over North America and other parts of the world. International Gems’ relationship with their clients is built to last, whether you are located in B.C. or overseas, our mission statement is still the same. International Gems will take care of all your jewellery needs from the simplest of repairs to the finest designs or anything in between. Our Seattle customers are now helped out of our Kelowna store.

Kelowna Store